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CHIEF Kenneth Keith

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Ever wanted a peak at how some things are made and the colourful people making them? Now you can! Join our Live Stream experiences where we curate fun short live streams of places you wish you can visit. 


Our Live Stream experiences are curated to be fun short live streams of places you wish you can visit. Our fun guides will be on ground at these places, beaming these live images to you. You interact with the craftsmen, ask questions and see footage of how some of the foods/crafts/things we love are made. Some things will surprise and delight you.

We have a wide array of series, from behind the scenes of factories, to exploring the culture precincts and speaking to the heroes on the ground.

The current livestream available are:

Street of Harmony@Waterloo

Insight Chinatown

Traditional Bread Factory

Curry Puff Factory

Killiney - From Coffeeshop to Factory

Perankan Culture and Rempah Udang Hands-on

HawkerWalk Old School Snacks

After-hours Hawkers Galore

From Beans to Kopi

View video snippets and more at our micro-site or email bookings@tribe-tours.com for enquiries.

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Kenneth Keith

You can hardly believe this ex-Librarian is a man of many skills and chief among the skills we Singaporeans care for is that true to his Peranakan roots, Kenneth is a more than decent cook. He can whip up mushroom soup and Indian butter chicken. Also, he makes a mean 'siow bah' and count kaya and pandan cake in his repertoire of culinary skills. But perhaps the most interesting fact about Kenneth is that his family lineage goes back 200+ years and he is a 5th generation Singaporean.


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BY Kenneth Keith